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Injection Molds, Prototype & Production (Built In-House)

Global is an industry leader producing high quality custom plastic molded parts for defense, aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer products. Rapid injection molding is a fast and economical way for injection molding companies to get production quality parts fast.

At Global we specialize in plastic injection molds, providing quality precision parts to all industries. We offer full in house mold making, design and manufacturing at our facility.

Prototype Tooling: If you need cost effective, quick tooling we have several options. Aluminum injection molds (2-5 week lead time). Low pressure ren injection molds (2-3 week lead time). Ren vacuum form tooling (2-3 week lead time).

Production Tooling (In-House): Production tooling made to our customers specifications. Injection molds, Vacuum form tooling, Trim dies, Automated Trim Tables, Blow Molds and Compression Molds built from all types of material.

Production Tooling (Chinese Built): We spent over 11 years finding the perfect mold shops in Asia, and have had great success with these companies! All tooling is imported, inspected and warranted by Global Design & Development. Global has full time Program Managers in Asia, to thoroughly inspect and monitor the entire tool build, trials, and shipping.

Rapid Prototyping:

  • SLS Selective Laser Sintering: If you need to produce prototype parts that are capable of withstanding the harshest test environments, or limited volumes of end-use parts.
  • SLA Stereo lithography: The most widely adopted rapid prototyping technology used today. SLA’s are used with most functional parts that need high levels of resolution, accuracy and surface finish.
Injection Molds

Imported Production Injection Molds & Molded Parts

We have a long standing relationship with a leader in production mold making in China. All tooling is imported, inspected, warrantied by Global Design. Together with LS Holdings handling the program management abroad, we offer a quality built, U.S. warrantied product delivered to your door.

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Imported Production Injection Molds

In-Mold Decorative Trim (IMD)

Used in automobile dashboards and various other applications, in-mold decorating provides a high-quality, long lasting product for the end user. Global is a one stop shop for all your IMD needs: Injection molds, automated trim tables, trim dies, vacuum form tools, molding. 20 years experience in the IMD field.

In-Mold Decorative Trim

Vacuum Form Tooling / Low Volume Part Runs

Vacuum forming is a very economical method for producing plastic parts. Our vacuum forming process can produce parts in various configurations and quantities at a reasonable price. The vacuum forming process bonds sheet products, such as vinyl and soft touch plastics to injection molded substrates for automotive interior trim products, such as seatbacks and door bolsters.

Vacuum forming has many advantages over other molding processes. For more information on choosing the ideal process for your parts please contact us today.

Vacuum Form Tooling

Automated Trim Dies

We provide Match Metal Trim Dies for carpets, films, vinyl's, leathers, secondary operations in molded plastics and more. Production trim tables can be supplied with the die. CPL controlled trim tables offers several advantages with productivity and safety.

Automated Trim Dies

Other Services

Additional Services that we offer:

  • Mold / Tooling Designs Prototype & Production
  • CNC Sinker / Wire EDM & Graphite Milling
  • CNC 2-D & 3-D Milling VMC’s
  • Program Management
  • Rapid Prototyping: 3-D Printing (plastics), all Metals Cut in Solid
  • Mold Repairs, Spotting, Benching
  • Product / Tool Designing: We offer Prototype and Production Product Development, Full 2-D and 3-D Tool Design Capabilities, Mold Flow Analysis, Electrode Development, plus many other services.

Global Design & Development Equipment List

CNC Mills:

Full range of 3-D CNC mills, up to 106” x 65” x 32” travels.2-D & 3-D NC cutting for P-20, S-7, H-13, aluminum, composites, graphite and more. We serve several industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical.

  • 2015 Vision Wide Bridge Mill. Cutting area X103” x Y63” x Z32”. RPM 8,000
  • 2013 Hurco VMC. Cutting area X42” x Y24” x Z21”. RPM 15,000
  • 2015 Makino F3 VMC. Cutting area X25” x Y20” x Z18”. RPM 20,000
  • 1997 Makino SNC64 VMC. Cutting area X24” x Y=20” x Z=17”. RPM 15,000
  • 1996 Fadal 3016 VMC. Cutting area X30” x Y16” x Z20”. RPM 10,000
  • 2005 Miltronics HMC. Cutting area X46” x Y40” x Z21”. RPM 10,000


Sinker EDM: State of the art EDM facility, fully automated to reduce cost, and improve efficiency. (Please see our equipment list).

  • 2016 Makino EDNC6. Travels X26” x Y18” x Z20” with high speed head, C-Axis and tool changer.
  • 2014 Belmont CNC Sinker EDM. Travels X85” x Y60” x Z40”. C-Axis and tool changer.

EDM Support Equipment:

  • 2015 Makino F3 VMC (Listed above) Machine is fully automated with an Erowa robot, to load, and unload electrodes. Magazine holds up to 70 electrodes.
  • 1997 Makino SNC64 VMC (Listed above) Machine is built for electrode cutting only, with a self-contained dust collection system.
  • Full grinding room containing, Bridgeport mill, Harig grinder, saws, and misc. grinders.

Mold Making Support Equipment:

  • Spotting Press
  • Bridgeport Mill


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